The Greater New Haven Green Fund engages and empowers citizens and organizations working to create a clean, healthy, and sustainable greater New Haven community. It is the Fund's intent that our grantees and projects become important resources to gauge and monitor environmental conditions, address environmental injustices and create sustainable environmental models and systems. As projects develop, reports and progress will be made available through this website.

The Fund also seeks to provide access to additional environmental resources. Below, please find links with information on how you can enjoy and protect Greater New Haven's diverse, and often distressed, environments.


New Haven boasts a 2,200 acre park system with more than 90 parks - including the geographical trap rocks, East Rock and West Rock. As the first planned city in the United States, New Haven has a great legacy of land stewardship, however industry and growth taken their toll. Today, New Haven has many abandoned and blighted former manufacturing sites called brownfields.


As a regional transportation hub, over 10% of New Haven is comprised of transportation corridors. The resulting emissions of cars, trucks, and ships, combined with commercial and industrial facilities and power plants adds up to a big impact on air quality.


With three rivers, numerous streams and the New Haven harbor, New Haven's waterways are an important, but threatened, community asset. Waterways offer scenic views, habitats for birds and wildlife, and numerous recreational activities, but are impacted by sewage treatment, stormwater runoff and other non point source pollution.