With stricter regulation, the
Quinnipiac's water quality recovers,
and its once thriving oyster
industry makes a comeback.

Park System

Environmental groups, the city and
volunteers pitch in to keep New
Haven's 2,200 acre park system green
and clean.


With the 1973 ban of
reproduction-harming pesticides, and
new nest platforms, ospreys once
again take wing in New Haven.

The Greater New Haven Green Fund promotes environmental quality and equity in the most environmentally distressed communities within the Greater New Haven area. The Fund provides grants and other incentives to support initiatives that help reduce exposure to air, water, and land pollution, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Greater New Haven Green Fund was established based on an agreement with the constituent municipalities of the Greater New Haven Regional Water Pollution Control Authority when they purchased the Water Pollution Control Authority from the City of New Haven.  Read more. >


Change begins with knowledge. Learn about some of New Haven's environmental challenges and how you can help.


The New Haven Green Fund offers various levels of grants and support to help you take action for a better environment


Join us as we give to organizations and groups working to protect and improve environmental quality in New Haven.